The morning Innovation Fair will showcase various young Papua New Guinean entrepreneurs focused on developing practical technologies to address opportunities and challenges facing the country and its people, in water supply and sanitation, health service delivery, data management, education, alluvial mining, infrastructure and asset management, agriculture and resource management, conservation and eco-tourism. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and panel discussion.
Speakers will include: -
1. Mr. Randall Beteula - Geologist by Profession - Mahana Multimedia on Alluvial Small Scale mining and potential for Rural
2. Mr. Elijah Yobwita - Water Scientist - Water System and Network Management on Water as a Resource and potential for Rural
3. Mr. Leonard Wanusim - Computer Scientist - Minsoft on Digitized Education Systems in Teacher Resumption and Inspector Quality School Assessments across 13000+ schools in the nation. Developer of E-Electoral Roll which is online on web and mobile. Prototype model for National Medical Drug Supply tracking and monitoring system - National, Provincial, LLG, Districts and Wards
4. Mr. Marsh Narewec - Computer Scientist - Kumulsoft on Digitized Public Asset Maintenance and Management system solving the audit and management of Govt assets across 150+ Departments. - National, Provincial, LLG, Districts and Wards
5. Ms. Emily Kula Lea - Science in Chemisty and Biology - ENova Cloud platform on big data collection to support business data, census, research and other sector such as ecotourism, environment and conservation and biodiversity and others.
Panel Discussion, chaired by Martyn Namorong, will include all the speakers and joined by Priscilla Kevin, director and owner of tech start-up In4net Ltd in PNG and a leading PNG ICT innovator
2nd Floor IPA, Haus, Konedobu - All Welcome - light refreshments