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PNG Institute of National Affairs is a privately funded, non-profit policy research institute, or "think tank". About 80 companies contributed to its core running and management costs, with some project support from public institutions and foundations.

FFB Price Formula Review 2013


Palm Oil Pricing Formula Review 2013/4 - FINAL REPORT

An Independent Review was undertaken by accounting/consulting firm KPMG of PNG's Palm Oil Pricing Formula (which forms the basis for smallholder payments to outgrower oil palm producers), together with an audit of the application of the current formula (which has been in operation since the early 2000s). The review was commissioned by OPIC (the Oil Palm Industry Corporation) in 2013, and funded under the World Bank Stallholder Agricultural Development Project. The revie

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Statistics from a recent INA Labour Market Survey indicated that the informal sector vendors in PNG earn more money than people in the formal sector. What should the government do?

A recent INA Labour Market Study indicated that it is challenging to have access to reliable and up-to-date official economic data on PNG. What should the Government do to address this?

All the mainstream media, research institutions, respected citizens and academics in PNG are saying that the economy of PNG is sinking. What should the Government do to save our economy?

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01 May 2017 Lunchtime Seminar - Jim Thomas - updates on Tenkil n/a
28 Feb 2017 Consumer and Competition Framework Review: Public view document
27 Feb 2017 EITI 2014 Report view document
07 Nov 2017 Tabling of PNGs 2018 Budget tentative n/a
10 Nov 2017 EITI MSG Meeting n/a
15 Sep 2017 EITI MSG Meeting n/a
15 Jun 2017 EITI MSG Meeting n/a
24 Feb 2017 EITI MSG Meeting and 2014 Report Launch n/a
06 Feb 2017 CIMC-FSVAC Referral Pathways Workshop - Holiday In n/a
27 Jan 2017 PNGEITI Report for 2014 - Completion Date n/a
07 Feb 2017 EITI - PNGRGC Council Meeting view document
14 Apr 2017 Conclusions of the PNG AT 40 YEAR SYMPOSIUM n/a
18 Dec 2017 PNG Launch of the FIndings of the 2017 OPEN BUDGET view document
13 Mar 2017 Lunchtime Seminar: Damien Ase and team on Communit n/a
15 May 2017 Public Forum: Policy Platforms and Political Parti n/a
21 Apr 2017 Presentation: Findings of the Consumer Protection n/a
09 Jan 2017 INA Private Sector Survey - 2017 (commences Januar n/a
18 Apr 2017 Lunchtime Seminar: Sundar Ramamurthy Way Forward n/a
24 Mar 2017 Workshop: Liveable Cities in PNG: speakers, includ view document
19 Jul 2017 (Tentative) Address: Dr Ken Newcombe: Energy Optio n/a
14 Jun 2017 Lunchtime Seminar: Dr Robert Bino, RCF: Working wi n/a
17 May 2017 Lunchtime Seminar: Dr Sangion Tiu, GM, RCF: Commun n/a
06 Mar 2017 Lunchtime Seminar: Public Realm: Significance, Des view document
28 Feb 2017 Lunctime Seminar: Alex Rheeney (President of the P n/a
14 Mar 2017 Lunchtime Seminar: Anthony Yauieb: Issues Facing E n/a
23 Nov 2017 INA Council Meeting n/a
24 Aug 2017 INA Council Meeting and AGM n/a
25 May 2017 INA Council Meeting n/a
16 Mar 2017 INA Council Meeting n/a
21 Jun 2017 CIMC National Development Forum - Holiday Inn, Wai n/a
03 May 2017 CIMC Papua-Southern Regional Development Forum - A n/a
06 Apr 2017 CIMC NG Islands Regional Development Forum - Kimbe n/a
11 Apr 2017 CIMC MOMASE Regional Development Forum - Wewak, E n/a
09 Mar 2017 CIMC Highlands Regional Development Forum - Banz, n/a
01 May 2011 2015 Audit view document
20 Nov 2016 20 Days of HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISM 20 November - 12 view document
01 Sep 2004 Police Review Report 2004 view document
18 Oct 2016 CIMC 2016 National Development Forum view document
18 Oct 2016 CIMC 2016 National Development Forum view document
05 Dec 2016 PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference 5-7 December S view document
06 Dec 2016 PNG Forestry Dialogue - INA view document
06 Dec 2016 PNG Forestry Dialogue - INA view document
06 Dec 2016 PNG Forestry Dialogue - INA view document
18 Oct 2016 CIMC 2016 National Development Forum view document
17 Oct 2016 INA Public Seminar Dr Bryant Allen on Sepik Agricu view document
15 Sep 2016 40 YEAR SYMPOSIUM - Report Launch view document
25 Jul 2016 Launch of Introduction to Human Rights Law - PNG B view document
28 Jul 2016 CIMC Governance Conference n/a
12 Aug 2016 CIMC Council Meeting n/a
17 Jun 2016 CPA PNG NGI Branch Conference view document
27 Jul 2016 UNDP Conference on Political stability and economi view document
20 Jun 2016 Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) W view document
15 Aug 2016 Open Government Partnership (OGP): 2nd National Wo n/a
19 Apr 2016 40 Year Symposium Outcomes view document