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PNG Institute of National Affairs is a privately funded, non-profit policy research institute, or "think tank" About 80 companies contributed to its core running and management costs, with some project support from public institutions and foundations.

INA PNG prsentation

PNG Institute of National Affairs was founded in 1976 by concerned individuals from both the government and private sector to promote dialogue between the private sector and government and to offer alternative advice to the public service on economic and social policy. It continues that tradition today, extending the dialogue also to wider civil society.

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PNG Institute of National Affairs's primary role is to carry out research and disseminate the results as widely as possible to the community, government departments, statutory institutions, learning institutions and politicians. Research is carried out by world-class academics, from some of the world's leading universities, and has a conscious policy of including PNG academics in its research, where that is possible. The research is generally sponsored by PNG and international bodies. The research is published and made available to the public.

EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) PNG EITI

Papua New Guinea was accepted for candidacy as a member of EITI by its Board on 19th March 2014. PNG has until December 2015 to complete a series of requirements to meet compliance to become an EITI member, which must then be sustained. This is achievable through active cooperation between relevant government agencies, extractive industry participants and firm engagement by civil society. The Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG), comprising these 3 stakeholder networks, overseas the process, supported by the Independent Administrator, which was appointed in August 2015.

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  • PNGEITI Multi Stakeholder Group - MoU (Signed)
  • PNGEITI - Work Plan FINAL
  • PNG EITI - Update to Government v1 (2)
  • PNG EITI Report 2013

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    OPIC Report Palm Oil Pricing Formula Review 2013/4 - FINAL REPORT

    An Independent Review was undertaken by accounting/consulting firm KPMG of PNG's Palm Oil Pricing Formula (which forms the basis for smallholder payments to outgrower oil palm producers), together with an audit of the application of the current formula (which has been in operation since the early 2000s). The review was commissioned by OPIC (the Oil Palm Industry Corporation) in 2013, and funded under the World Bank Stallholder Agricultural Development Project. The review was undertaken of outgrower schemes around the country, and entailed full access to the milling companies' accounts and extensive consultations with the companies and outgrowers. The final report incorporates the feedback from the companies, outgrowers and responding government agencies, including from the consultations held around the country. The report and its recommendations were considered by the Government's Commodities Working Group (chaired by the Dept of Treasury) in November 2014 and the Working Group's recommendations should be considered by the National Executive Council before the end of 2014, to provide the basis for outgrower payments for all current and new projects, until the next review is undertaken (which should be in 2 years time or so). In the meantime an effective mechanism will be applied to ensure consistent compliance by all players to the agreed formula, and full awareness and understanding of the composition of the formula and its application will be required by companies, officials involved in its explanation, and the outgrowers and grower associations.

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    Smallholder Agriculture Development Project

    Final Design of Road Maintenance Trust Fund for PNG (SMEC); plan of how to restore and provide reliable ongoing funding to maintain the roads in oil palm project areas to the standard necessary for the industry's and outgrowers' sound future prosperity and welfare.

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    Papuan Gulf 2007 PNG Survey Pacific Spices Rabaul Kokopo Beach Resort Eco Tourism
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